Microsoft fixes game performance drop in Windows 11 22H2 Update – PC – News

I think this is entirely hypothetical.

Windows 11 needs to work on all devices with more and more different configurations in an increasingly demanding market. You can never please everyone, but Windows 11 isn’t that bad right now.

However, things could be better and Microsoft could do more to understand the desires of the customer. I’ll give you that, but people are getting more demanding and that doesn’t really help. They fixed it and now new errors are bound to appear. This is Windows This is Windows.

I highly doubt it looks like Vista. You can make Vista a little slower, but not fast, and Windows 11 is really fast.

Not all games are covered. I have 7 games here that work fine and this update won’t make any difference :)

I don’t want to be a big software company because you never get it right. Note that Windows 10 may also be riddled with errors in the early years. Even the beloved Windows XP wasn’t as good as it might lead you to believe in its early years. The demo was terrifying, and yet it all worked.

Of course, you can think whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Windows 11 is relatively young.

The only trial version that was really good was Windows 2000, until I started working with images. Then the fun ended and the system restarted itself.

I think it’s still too early to make a final assumption about Windows 11.

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