Microsoft fixed 119 errors during Patch Tuesday, one of which was exploited – Computer – News

Well, so you call it “walking” instead of complaining, you’re still complaining †

By the way, I am very curious which corner you work in, because this happens in every corner of IT.
In the world of dreams, you could actually say “Almost all printers have unsafe stuff with cheese holes. If drivers leak over and over again, get rid of that paper!” Then the management really does it, in the real world you just need …

You won’t find an animator from 1974 or a NAS without support in an environment I run

Well no painter from ’74, but one from 2021 also Telnet enabled by default with the (known) manufacturer account… or a tape library with a known password algorithm…

But come on, what NAS devices do you support that don’t use any leak protocol, don’t you forget that there are a lot of devices in your network besides NAS?

Then a handy tip: just because the manufacturer said it’s safe, doesn’t mean it’s actually safe… He’s been through a few times with a Ricoh/Brother/Kyocera salesperson and he’s said it’s very safe stuff, non-hackable etc. Then you look at Google for five seconds and you see that they are known for countless backdoor/maintenance accounts, Telnet servers, and things like that.

Especially with phrases with solid foundations such as:

There’s nothing wrong with the SMB protocol, it’s Microsoft’s implementation in their Windows operating system that (apparently) is a cheese of a loophole.

Are you showing that you understand little objectively on the matter, I don’t see you at all active in the IT/security field here on Tweakers?

The difference between one official who says he is safe and the other not is that the former does not understand his environment well enough †

In other words, if you think your environment is safe, you don’t understand your environment well enough and it’s time to go deeper into it instead of screaming more nonsense/complaining in general. †

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