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Skype for Business was a simple and fast messenger with calendar integration. Native and fast (at least the desktop clients). The average IT person would think it works very well for the job.

True only for Windows, the Mac client was an electron. And it was also a dragon of an app, just like Teams now. This mac client necessarily needs the private server for mobile/web clients.

The average user didn’t like it, they just want Teams as soon as they see it.

Well, complaints from ordinary users also rained down on us, which was not the case at the time of Skype / Lync (except for mac users). Even Lotus Sametime was received better and that was a real hot mess.

What was bad about Skype was file transfer. It was because both parties had to be online at the same time, and it didn’t go through SharePoint like Teams does now (because Teams is actually just a shell around SharePoint).

But the way Teams does it is definitely not convenient. Users don’t understand how it works in the background, and why they keep getting a warning like “This file has already been uploaded, do you want to do it again?”. And it generates a huge garbage can of old SharePoint files because of this dogs don’t like to eat it.

Microsoft itself doesn’t like Skype either, as Teams has turned out to be an excellent way to get users into other Office365 apps (and licenses).

I don’t think anyone is taking O365 because they love Teams. On the contrary, they take Teams because it’s free with O365. As with OneDrive, we also switched from another major file platform because OneDrive was free after all. However, the sync is much worse, it just goes completely wrong on many small files, it can’t handle some characters in the filenames (because it’s just a simple shell around SharePoint that enforces its limitations) and the performance is simply lower. Anyway, “free” because we already have O365. You get what you pay for.

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