Microsoft begins testing with a new Xbox dashboard coming in 2023 – Games – News

Microsoft will introduce a new dashboard for Xbox in 2023. The company will be experimenting with new designs in the coming months. Starting this week, the first group of Xbox users will see a redesigned dashboard.

The first new build will be rolled out to a random group of Xbox users who have signed up for the Alpha Skip Ahead Program. They’ll see a new “Jump Back In” section that includes the latest games and apps you’ve opened, as well as a shortcut to the User Library and Microsoft Store. click on the right no Microsoft Put a search bar, with a shortcut to the settings menu next to it. When these users scroll to the bottom of the screen, they will see a new section with game recommendations.

Microsoft is already seeing a point in game sections and is considering filling them with recommended game content in the future. It will look at the games an Xbox user has played in the past, or make recommendations about a Game Pass subscription.

The company says it wants to take time to get the new design in time, and so will be rolling out new versions of the dashboard in the coming months. Based on user feedback, it aims to roll out a permanently redesigned dashboard to all Xbox users by 2023. Microsoft has not provided an exact date on this.

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