Microsoft allows Japanese test users to run Android apps on Windows 11 – Computer – News

I may be skeptical or ignorant, but what is the target audience for this? Or a future vision for this?
Is the end goal to create a mix of Android Store and UWP to compete with Apple, for example, with their ecosystem?

For example, I use my Android phone for business and private purposes. Outlook, Gmail, Teams, Youtube and Whatsapp are the most used applications. But there are regular applications for this within Windows or they can simply be called up via a browser.

When I look at how much the people in my immediate environment and I deal with the vast majority of their “business” via their phones, I find it hard to assess exactly the added value. And don’t sit on your lap holding a laptop to crush a bowl of candy, but rather do it on the couch with your phone in your hands. I can already see myself walking with my laptop to catch Pokemon with my kids : + .
I know that of course I don’t cover the entire population of what I’m using, but I’m really curious about what Android apps you’ll be using on Windows.

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