Mexican thieves commit “theft of the century” | Abroad

Mexican thieves commit "theft of the century" |  Abroad

The thieves at the remote site were not noticed and it took eight to ten hours to unload the containers using cranes, among other things. The Mexican media is talking about the “stealing of the century”.

gold, silver and zinc

The authorities do not reveal much about the investigation. The theft was only announced now and was on the day of Pentecost. In addition to gold and silver, the containers also contained zinc and expensive electronic equipment. The robbery also hit the capital, Mexico City, 500 kilometers to the east.

Mexican media reported on Tuesday that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office had thrown itself into the case. The head of the National Customs Service described the theft as “a major operation of organized crime”. A police spokesman in the stricken state of Colima described the theft as “unprecedented in scale”.

12 billion pesos

But nothing was revealed about the estimated value of the loot, although the Mexican media talk about the looting of 12 billion pesos (about half a billion euros). The gang that committed the crime was well aware of the contents of the containers. The private company adjacent to the guarded port area of ​​Manzanillo is said to have not been well secured.

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