Meta Quest 2 gets Ghostbusters VR, Boneworks sequel, and Moss: Book II – Games – News

The good thing about Alyx is that it only has mod support in it.

The stupid thing is that I still have to try the first mod, but I’ve already seen a few. Just not enough time for that †

By the way, I got more fun from Alyx than from Boneworks. fact; I haven’t finished Boneworks. No matter how much attention he might have put into it, I thought the whole thing also felt “the log” and at times I even found the physics unpleasant, a bit wonky.

On the other hand, Alex disappointed me at first, due in part to the absence of a brawl. However, as I progressed, I started to appreciate the gameplay and the details in the game more and more. Definitely the best (original) VR game yet, so I haven’t tasted mod support yet.

Personally, I think that because of Facebook, oh meta, progress is very slow. All kinds of titles are exclusive, closed and on cheap devices.

I can certainly agree with this to some extent. I don’t think the cheaper hardware is much of an issue, although I would certainly appreciate if my Quest 2 were more comfortable (which would result in a more expensive device, or the lack of standalone capabilities).

In fact, I think the cheaper hardware is good to allow more people to get a taste of virtual reality, because I don’t have 1000 euros for example a fuse indicator, and the Reverb G2 could still be possible; But both devices don’t yet support streaming games to headphones like the Quest 2 case does.

As for the exclusive games, I can’t help but agree with you. I’m not very keen on that and if possible I also buy my games via Steam. Also because I don’t want to be limited to Meta for future VR devices.

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