Mercedes-Benz drives 1000 km on a single battery charge with the EV concept – picture and sound – news

This is very frustrating when you think about it:

With a small range, you should be able to charge at home. Most people do not have their own private lane in urban areas and thus it becomes a public pole.

5 years ago, you could still find a free tycoon in all cities when you arrived. Last year, unless I got very early, everywhere I went, all the poles were full. This is not only a problem for those who drove there, it also means that residents cannot (all) sue.

For example, I also had a problem at home that when I got home from work shortly after, all the poles were occupied and I could use the fast charger the next day. Waiting 40 minutes in the middle of nowhere to be able to drive again is not a realistic use case for a vehicle.

In rush hour I’ve always had a fast charger 5 years ago, a year ago I had so many times with smaller fast chargers (2 connections) that I had to wait for the car in front of me. Then there is also the waiting time – incomparable with gasoline – at the time of charging!

The travel was 55 km in one direction, and the range of the car was officially 210 km. Two days back and forth on charge? Forget it, in the winter the range drops to less than 150 km! This is a one-way trip to work and no longer enough for a one-way trip. So you have to charge every day. More and more electric cars are in the works and the number of charging points has remained the same. In the end, I had days when I found all the charging points full, both at home and at work.

5 years ago when I went to a customer they had 2-4 charging points and there was always 1 point for free. Nowadays the number of charging points for most customers has doubled, but unless you have an early morning appointment, they are always busy. Work areas also often do not have public poles on the street as they are not in residential areas, so again this was a foolproof trip and an annoying wait at the charging station. And remember, in theory I wouldn’t have to charge if I could charge at home. Almost all of my clients were within half of the promised range of 210 km. However, as mentioned, the municipality puts very few piles at home and in the winter not a single BEV achieves the promised range. The difference is shocking.

Then we didn’t even mention how many times I came to the charging station in the morning and there was a malfunction and my car was only partially charged. After several times being late or missing an appointment with a client due to another malfunction, the procedure was really full.

Electric driving is immature, unreliable and not a serious option if you don’t have a vehicle with great range and a special charging lane. Unless it’s acceptable to you that sometimes you simply can’t leave or you have an extra 40 minutes to travel due to “fast charging”.

Anecdotal, but about n = 15: rarely anyone has a use case for this “message” scope. Everyone here in my neighborhood and at work who has such a thing regrets choosing and almost all drives gasoline again. The only ones that still drive electric are those with a 400+ km range and their own private lanes.

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