Medion stops selling through its own online store – Computer – News

This is just bullshit cause they actually say their products barely sell.

No, he doesn’t say that. This message and this promotion say nothing about the marketability of Medion Computers, only the value of your online store. The, and channels will continue to exist.

On the one hand, Medion performed well at the beginning of the epidemic, but due to the increase in PC sales during the epidemic, the entire PC market will sell much less in the coming years. In addition, there is a possibility that we will face an economic crisis in the (near) future, so companies are already cutting costs/staff so that they do not have to do so when it is too late. The disadvantage of this is that they do this to many other companies, which reduces the flow of money into the economy and thus the economic crisis approaches…

I don’t know how quality evolved after the Lenovo takeover, but Medion was a relatively cheap, but not bad, supplier of computers (via Aldi)… although I don’t think I ever bought a Medion (after the first Vorbis computer, and then I Mainly self-build), reviews have been relatively good, and experiences have been generally good.

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