Meanwhile in the United States | Virgil von Dijk congratulated Verstappen on his victory in the United States

Between all the important news you may miss a few things on a Grand Prix weekend. no worry, Max F1 max Formula 1 tells you about all the senses and nonsense in the world in the ‘Meanwhile …’ section.

Virgil von Dijk congratulated Verstappen on his victory in the United States

Virgil van Dijk was able to enjoy the United States Grand Prix, in which Max Verstappen was able to win in an exciting way. After an aggressive tire tactic, Lewis saw Hamilton going for a while, but it turned out to be a Red Bull racing driver pulling a long straw. The Liverpool defender, who beat Manchester United 0-5 on Sunday, congratulated his teammate on their victory.

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Verstappen’s full on-board radio delighted after polar position in Austin

Max Verstappen was very happy with his decision after reaching the polar position and celebrated it with his team on on-board radio. Team captain Christian Horner also comes in line and greets the Dutch.

Verstappen offers a chance: ‘I give glasses to everyone’

In the third free practice, Max Verstappen almost came in contact with Nikita Masebin, who wanted to let the Dutch pass, but accidentally passed him. That’s why Verstappen came up with an opportunity: ‘I’m going to buy glasses for everyone’.

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Verstappen raises middle finger to Hamilton: ‘Stupid idiot’

During the second free practice in the United States, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fought. The two clearly do not leave the room, and Verstappen is particularly angry. He shows it with his middle finger and clear on-board radio: ‘Ha, stupid idiot!’

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This is what it looks like to ride during a round of Kota

In many races this season, Alpine has fitted cameras to their drivers’ helmets. This creates amazing images from the rider’s perspective. For example, at the spa we can see how Fernando Alonso dealt with the infamous E. Rouge. And in Austin we are again treated with beautiful pictures. This time you can see Estephan Okan, who shows how fast the F1 car feels from the driver’s seat.

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Pinoto visits Red Bull Motorhome for an up-and-coming meeting

Earlier today, Ferrari captain Matthias Pinoto was spotted at the Red Bull Motor Home, meeting with Helmut Marco and Christian Horner. What would it be?

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Verstappen with preview on Geo Sport

Max Verstappen prepares for the weekend battle against Lewis Hamilton. The Dutchman had to work in the United States and by the weekend Zigo Sport would have learned how the cards were exchanged.

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Ricciardo traditionally starts the weekend with a Texan accent

Daniel Ricciardo is always trying to empathize with the local people in the United States. Every year he tries to answer some of the questions of the press through Texan, creating better scenes every year.

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Vettel is already training in the yard for a career switch

As mentioned earlier on this topic, this racing weekend will feature a special NBA corner on Formula 1 paddock. Sebastian Vettel was the first driver to show off his basketball prowess.

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F1 drivers face NBA challenge in US

In the United States, Formula 1 drivers face the NBA challenge. United States Basketball Federation a Court Placed near the roundabout, where all drivers can take multiple shots. To the knowledge of Telegraph editor Eric van Heron, Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel have already reported.

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Verstappen and Hamilton set the fort on fire in 2018

Max Verstappen and Louis Hamilton have met in the United States circuit in the past. This weekend again the Dutch and the British are fighting for victory. We hope they will make it as exciting as this clip of the 2018 US Grand Prix.

Verstappen motorized Oracle headquarters

Max Verstappen meets various Red Bull partners in the United States. For example, he first attended the Mobil 1 show, where he changed his own tire. Now he is headquartered at technology partner Oracle, where he is definitely not on foot.

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Rosberg threw his hat on it after appearing in battle with Hamilton

The title fight of this season is very intense and exciting. This is not the first time Louis Hamilton has fought hard for his world title. Looking back below, you can see how he surpassed Nico Rosberg for the 2015 World Cup. After the American GB, the German gets annoyed and throws his hat at Hamilton. A year later, Rosberg took the world title and took his revenge.

Verstappen holds a wheelbarrow and takes care of his own pit stop

Good pictures from Houston, Texas, where Max Verstappen parked his own pit under the watchful eye of a large crowd. Is a career change emerging?

Verstappen responds to best purchase: ‘My girlfriend’

There is constant hilarity when Max Verstappen poses a question. This time a fan wondered what was the best purchase the Dutchman had ever made, and his answer was: ‘My girlfriend (Kelly Pickett, version)’. It causes great excitement among the fans and Verstappen.

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