March 23, 2023

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Mayors of the Security Council: Everyone must abide by the rules of Corona

Mayors of the Security Council: Everyone must abide by the rules of Corona

In recent days, a number of mayors have announced that they will turn a blind eye to the opening of shops and restaurants on Saturday, because it is a demonstration against the strict closure. Entrepreneurs must then act safely and responsibly.

handed a fine

The Security Council believes that the rules apply to everyone. “Although of course we cannot assess the local situation in Aalten or Leeuwarden, for example,” Prouls says. The council recommends warning entrepreneurs who open their businesses. If that doesn’t really help, a fine can be paid. In extreme cases, the case can be forced to close. According to Burullus, the Cabinet and the Public Prosecution Office support this behavior.

He has already pointed out that “everyone should keep their feet on the ground.” “We don’t suddenly go crazy with coupon books. We never did, and we won’t now.”

Slither Yeşilgöz

Justice Minister Dylan Yesilguz stressed the “importance of compliance, oversight and enforcement” of the Corona rules during the Security Council. This came after she previously said compliance is “more what you and I do than the police have to walk around.” According to the minister, compliance with the rules was also “up to the people themselves.”

This led to severe criticism of the new Minister of Justice. That is why I emphasized compliance with the rules in the Security Council tonight.

give a point of view

Tonight, the Security Council took stock of very serious concerns about how the community is doing. Mayors have urged Justice Minister Yesilguz that the Cabinet will provide a glimpse into tomorrow’s short-term relaxation.

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“Hopefully, the government will explain what is possible in the next four weeks and when, if not after Friday. Because the relaxation really has to come,” Burlus says. “Also give perspective. What isn’t possible tomorrow may be possible in a week.”