Mayor says BNP will “never” force anyone to be vaccinated against Govt.

After Governor Pedro Pierre Luci announced that public servants in the federal administration should be vaccinated against the corona virus, San Sebastian’s Mayor Javier Jimenez spoke out against the move, promising “I will not make a decision.” It is against the will of the people.

Jimenez of the New Progressive Party, like the governor, classified it as “improper” to force a man not to want to be vaccinated. “I restrict the right of a man to be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated, and every human being has the freedom to choose whether or not to be vaccinated.

I think it is inappropriate to force a man to make a decision that he does not want to make, it is not only a constitutional law, it also focuses on human rights, ”the municipal official commented.

The municipal administrator identified 22 positive cases of goiter in San Sebastian in July, of which “40 percent were vaccinated, so we need to see what happens. Does the vaccine really prevent people?” Gets COVID, and if these vaccinated individuals can be abducted or not transmitted ”.

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“I believe every human being has the freedom to choose whether they have medical conditions or not, whether they have religious conditions or circumstances,” he said. “With these numbers we are less in San Sebastian.”

Pierluisi announced today the staff of the central administration, noting that only those who have not been vaccinated for any medical condition or religious beliefs will be accepted, but they will have to undergo weekly virus testing and pay out of pocket. Although the CEO did not include private companies, he suggested that they do the same, and even require vaccination certification from people who want to consume from businesses.

Public servants must certify the vaccine by August 16, or have begun the process, and have two doses by the end of September.

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