Maxime Milland unhappy with new house leak: ‘It’s not over yet!’

Maxime Milland unhappy with new house leak: 'It's not over yet!'

Maxim has her eye on another very expensive house, when she moved into a villa last year. This wasn’t ever supposed to show up, but the Juice Channel took it over anyway. The Chateau Mailand star doesn’t understand that. “It hasn’t been finished yet,” she whispered to Radio 538, to which she responded.

Make the offer

“So it leaked again, and I think: How do you get it in your head to call someone about it?” The reality star is pretty pissed that the sale wasn’t final yet. We made an offer, but now we are in talks with the bank. It is also possible, of course, that this will be rejected,” she explains.

friend or foe

It hurts her to have someone close to her pass on the information. “Because you kept it like that in an inner circle, I get some weird feeling about it: Who said that?”

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The opposite of fame

She previously revealed that Dutch celebrities are often tough on her. “People don’t always realize there is a downside,” she said at the time. Maxim has difficulty with the fact that she cannot walk normally. Sometimes you wonder if Chateau Milland is worth it. Would I have done Chateau Milland if I had known the effect in advance? Probably not, although of course it brought me a lot. This event certainly does not contribute to …

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