Máxima has never worn these orange crowns before

Máxima has never worn these orange crowns before

If anyone has dusted off Oranjevault, it’s Maxima. However, there are some tiaras that the Queen has never worn in public before.

Greek gang
There are two theories about the origin of this gem. First: The wreath is said to come from the estate of Princess Louise, sister of King William I. After she died in 1819 without having any children, this jewel is said to have passed to the Orange-Nassau family. The second theory, which is the most accepted now, is that Juliana and Bernhard bought the historical wreath from a jeweler in The Hague in the 1950s. To date, Máxima has not worn the jewel. Would she have kept it for her daughters?

PPE/Van de Werf

Ear of corn wreath
Máxima regularly wears ears of corn in her blonde locks. Do not confuse these hair pins with ears of corn called corn wreaths, as they are not identical. The earring wreath consists of a separate frame and eight studs that can be grouped together into one piece of jewelry. The brooches come from the estate of Queen Sophie. If desired, the composite wreath can also be worn with four or six pins. The Maxima has not been seen with any of these versions yet.
All the princesses of Vollenhofen wore a headdress on their big day, as did Margareta and Victoria. Princess Annemarie, wife of Prince Carlos, has a higher status and wore a larger orange pearl-encrusted diadem to her wedding. There seems to be a certain range. The Queen wears the large pieces, the Princess wears the middle piece and the rest of the ladies wear smaller pieces, including the corn ear tiara.

Last but not least, Maxima can also surprise you with a top from the Van Kempen collection. For those who are now thinking “who, what, where,” let’s go back to the beginning. In 1879, King William III ordered an impressive diadem for Queen Emma. After the jewel was dismantled years later, the upper piece was preserved. Queen Wilhelmina, daughter of Queen Emma, ​​wore the pearl-encrusted diadem and large diamond sunbursts, in various state portraits (see below). Since then, the jewel has disappeared from sight. Pssst Queen Máxima: Maybe something for you?

I think the first two crowns are waiting for Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane. But to continue the trend, I would appreciate it if the Queen wore the Greek headband at least once. Corona number three looks like an expensive patchwork in country photos, but maybe Maxima could give it an elegant twist?

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