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This post starts rationally, but gets caught halfway in the right reactionary trap of obsessive undercover actors who arrange everything behind the scenes (“The Psychics”). […] who might have a political opinion”). Too bad.

The reality is much less dramatic. Correct, but not retrograde. Twitter and other social media companies are not primarily interested in censoring content because it is a cost. Content moderation exists solely for CYA (“cover your ass”) reasons. Legal, but especially CYA.

The trend of moderation in CYA content is actually more culturally left-wing than the societal average, because the social milieu of people who run technology companies, as well as the academic, quasi-academic, and magazine coterie of people who write about social media, is culturally more left-wing than the social average .

The result is that major western social media “links” are (or were, in the case of Twitter) moderated, but in a standardized way so that the actual work can be outsourced to content moderation farms in the Philippines, etc. to keep costs down. There, because things have to go fast and people don’t understand Western cultural and political nuances, they operate with a proverbial list or literal list of right-wing opinions and misinformation that violate TOS and therefore must be moderated.

However, if you can express your right-wing opinion with a dog whistle, you will not be subject to moderation because you have not said something on the list of impermissible opinions. Thus, moderating left but slow content helps the far right by applying significant evolutionary pressure on the far right to learn to express themselves as if they were in fact true left liberals. You see that very well, for example, with people like Baudet who are clearly fascists, but at the same time talk about protecting Western traditions of freedom and may still believe in it themselves.

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Hence, both right and left are parts of right. On the surface, it’s all been very awake, and there are reactionary centrists and fitters watching (“I’m too smart for the left and right, but I guess [rechts talking point]That way) they’re obsessed with Twitter profiles to feed their delusions of persecution. That way they can also argue that the far right is the lesser of two evils.

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