Masked singer: That was the snowman

Masked singer: That was the snowman

Yesterday it was announced of fireworks in a The champagne bottles were in a Masked Singer New Year’s Eve Specialbut secretly Many people were very curious about the Dutch celebrities who wear the De Snowman suitBecause that voice came out of the snowman (or not: the snow woman).

Several ladies visited the commission made up of Francis van Bruckhuijsen, Gerard Juling, Loretta Shriver and Carlo Bouchard. Chantal Janzen, Lynette van Dongen, Sharon den Adel, and even international superstar Fleur Jansen, singer of the Nightwish group, passed the stage.

Sunday, during the second part of Masked Singer New Year’s Eve SpecialMur, Glenys Grace, Elise, Romy Montero, Treasurejee Osterhuis, Anouk and Maan as a potential snowman. But the singer in the white suit was singing, and that was something new for these ladies.

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We were very curious about this suit because of the great sound. And guess what: Turns out the snowman is none other than Trijntje Oosterhuis herself! The commission was also surprised, even Carlo shivered from his chair!

Always wanted to know how much these costumes actually cost? You can read it here!

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