Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will feature three graphical modes, each with ray tracing

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 contains three graphical game modes, each of which uses ray tracing. There will be a 30fps and 60fps mode, but also a 40fps mode aimed at gamers using a 120Hz monitor. The game supports upgrading VRR.

Insomniac Games has included these graphics modes During an interview with IGN, but he did not mention what resolutions would be used in each mode. Employee Mike Fitzgerald noted there are dynamic solutions. “We have a very powerful anti-aliasing solution that allows us to reduce or increase the resolution…” she said.

The game supports ray tracing and this technology will be included in each of the three graphics modes. “We were able to bring ray tracing into performance mode. So there is no mode that does not support this technology, because there is no need for it.”

Insomniac Games will release Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 exclusively for PlayStation 5 on October 20. The suggested retail price for the game is 80 euros in the Benelux countries. The developer promises, among other things, improved graphics and 3D sound. In Spider-Man 2, players can play as two characters: Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Both Peter and Miles gain new powers in the second main sequel: symbiotic venom powers and bioelectric abilities respectively. The two superheroes compete in New York against Venom, Lizard, Kraven and others. Sony revealed a new trailer for the game at its State of Play presentation in mid-September.

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