Martin Van Rossum responds to Van Haga who wants him off TV

Martin Van Rossum responds to Van Haga who wants him off TV

It took a few days, but Martin van Rossum answered MP Webern van Haga that he wanted him off television. According to the historian, Van Haga is only crying out for his supporters. Moreover, he says in his podcast, that he feels proud that for the first time in his life parliamentary questions have been asked of him.

What was that again? Martin van Rossum went as a jury member in the smartest person last tuesday about the phenomenonNews about the starsHe took the numerous reports about actor Johnny Depp, who was involved in a lawsuit with his ex-wife Amber Heard, as an example. “For me, they’re going to shoot Depp dead tomorrow and bury him in an unknown location,” Van Rossum said on his successful knowledge test. In reference he could miss star news like a toothache.

Webern van Haga formulated parliamentary questions

Arrived the next day Parliamentary questions From BVNL’er Wybren van Haga in subwayP O Box. Content: “In the Staatssomroep, which the taxpayer made possible, Martin van Rossum went too far with his violent remarks. This left-wing activist It should be out of the tube. Van Haga believes that the “PvdA-mastodon” should continue to criticize everything and everyone. The MP does not think that it is possible for people to be smartest person– A man was murdered, had to pay taxes “Van Rossem, who is very well-paid, can probably make his statement.” Webern van Haaga also asked the Secretary of State for Information, Jonai Oslo, to announce the “state television salary of Martin van Rossum.”

Martin van Rossem’s reaction you can expect

Osla has not yet answered Van Haga’s questions, but the answer came Martin Van Rossum – podcasts Although this weekend. A somewhat relative reaction that you can almost expect. Van Rossem believes that Webern van Haga’s parliamentary questions will likely not be answered. I think it can be dismissed loosely, as it is totally irrelevant. Van Haga has nothing to say about public television content.”

Webreen van Haga, FDD, Baudet, JA21, FVD
Webern van Haga in the House of Representatives. Photo: ANP / Sem van der Wal

The expert who activates it too subwayBillboard, like last week in an episode about culture at home Student CorpsHe considers it an honor that parliamentary questions have already been asked of him. But he immediately said in his podcast: “Van Haga is proving to be a very bad Member of Parliament. I would be surprised if there was a response (by the Foreign Secretary, editor). He does so for his supporters that Van Haga is asking these questions. It’s as clear as a block.” Van Haga is a breakup from Thierry Bodet’s mad club. Whatever makes you think you’re breaking up with a crazy club. I don’t know if it will make you more or less crazy. He is already seeing the mood of the upcoming election results. It’s relatively hopeless. Van Haga is a member of House of Representatives because of Thierry Baudt and his seditious service activities I will only say. His main view, being against vaccines, will probably not be relevant in the next election.”

Van Haga did not understand

“For someone like me, it’s a huge compliment that someone like Van Haga asks questions about me at home,” Martin van Rossum continues with a laugh. “Imagine if he said he thought I was a good person. Then I should be ashamed of myself.”

Of course, he didn’t want to shoot a bullet through Johnny Depp’s head, as Van Rossum explains in his podcast. Weberen van Haga did not understand that. “I despised the news. The news you inevitably pick up as a follower, but you actually don’t want to pick it up at all. I was talking about a delete button that you can put in your brain so you can escape all this nonsense about movie stars and marital problems between famous Dutch people and people who want to lose weight. Weight and celebs I don’t know who are expecting children… That whole universe of unspeakable gossip. But once again, I’m proud that Van Haga was so excited about me.”

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Martin van Rossem responds to Webern van Haga who wants him out of the tube and feels proud

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