Marketing materials show details Intel Core i3-12100F, i5-12400F, i7-12700F – Computer – News

On the Internet, marketing materials for three unannounced Intel Alder Lake processors appeared. From this it can be concluded that Core i3 and i5 models without efficiency cores appear. This is consistent with previous rumors.

On Putting promotional image online by VideoCardz, lists the basic configurations of the Intel Core i3-12100F, i5-12400F, and i7-12700F processors. The first two get 4 and 8 cores respectively, with twice as many threads. i7 is a model with 12 cores and 20 threads and Intel also distinguishes between 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

The article also shows the maximum clock speeds of the upcoming processors. These are also in line with previous rumors. The three processors shown are F variants without the integrated GPU. Intel is expected to upgrade processors On January 4, 2022 during his CES presentation announces, along with more variants of Alder Lake processors for desktop computers.

Intel released the first Alder Lake processors this year, but these were only the K-bootable models with a 125W TDP. The variables reported are less recorded and have a lower temperature. They become too Delivered with new stock coolers.

15.02 Update: There are several unannounced Alder Lake processors on a Dutch web store, including the three models whose promotional materials appeared. Furthermore, Core i9-12900F and Core i9-12900 are also included, in addition to the Euro prices. Last month Prices have already appeared Through a Canadian online store.

Healer product code nuclei Baseclock turbo cache the price
Intel Core i9-12900 K BX8071512900 K 8 F + 8 E 3,2 GHz 5.3 GHz 30 megabytes 69,349 euros
Intel Core i9-12900KF BX8071512900KF 8 F + 8 E 3,2 GHz 5.3 GHz 30 megabytes €599
Intel Core i7-12700K BX8071512700 K 8 F + 4 E 3,6 GHz 5.0 GHz 25 MB 448.99 €
Intel Core i7-12700KF BX8071512700KF 8 F + 4 E 3,6 GHz 5.0 GHz 25 MB 42,820 EUR
Intel Core i7-12700F BX8071512700F 8 F + 4 E nnb 4.9 GHz 25 MB nnb
Intel Core i5-12600K BX8071512600 K 6 F + 4 E 3.7 GHz 4.9 GHz 20 MB 309 EUR
Intel Core i5-12600KF BX8071512600KF 6 F + 4 E 3.7 GHz 4.9 GHz 20 MB €323.94
Intel Core i5-12400 BX8071512400 6 F + 0 E nnb nnb 18 MB nnb
Intel Core i5-12400F BX8071512400F 6 F + 0 E nnb 4,4 GHz 18 MB nnb
Intel Core i3-12100F BX8071512100F 4 F + 0 E nnb 4.3 GHz 12 megabytes nnb

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