Mark Marie snarls again in Eus: Slimeball with his dead eyes | gossip

Mark Marie snarls again in Eus: Slimeball with his dead eyes |  gossip

men Today inside It has been on the air for a week now and the first riots have already begun. And this time it wasn’t Johan Dirksen or Rene van der Geep who uttered the words, but Ozkan Akyol. Broadcaster and opinion maker claimed Tuesday on the broadcast that Mark Marie Hoygbrigets is “not a nice boy.” This has caught the attention of the comedian now.

I was suddenly hit this week VI On the table,” said Mark Marie in his podcast where he can be heard with Av Brandt Curtis. Sarcastic: “Delicious, yes … I always say Eus, because I don’t really know what it’s called. His name is… Oz-can Ak-yol. He seems to think I’m too cruel and all that. I also find it touching and nice that it boils like that. He’s having a lot of trouble with all of that.”

(The text continues below the podcast.)

dead eyes

Mark Marie became in VI Accused of “joining every RTL talk show”. “Eos is really everywhere. He simply comes by train and doesn’t need to know his destination in advance, he only comes if he can write a little bill. It’s with Hlf8is with VIis with Khaled and Sophiebee Jenkbee lover. It just sits there. And that’s really nice, because then he talks like that with dead eyes.” Aaf: You can’t tell from that what’s going on inside.” Mark Marie: “I also don’t think there’s much going on.” (…) When you meet him, there is a tingling of the sticky ball.”

Riots broke out when Wilfred Jenny joined Today inside I wondered aloud if Marc Marie would be a suitable guest for the show. René van der Gijp: „You see Marc Marie (in RTL, editor) more and more often. After all, someone in the editorial office said: “Just sit him at the table four times, it’s fun.” Johan Dirksen adds: “You know what a nice thing is, he’s a very nice boy. But I was never able to figure out what he could do. He can’t do anything and he whistles with him, and he has a nice story every now and then.”

ball book

Then Eos knocks: “I don’t agree with you. He’s not a nice boy. In the lead up to Boekenbal, I’d have said in an interview, ‘There are all sorts of characters walking around who I think have never written a book.'” But they are there. Mark Marie Hoygbrigets cited as an example. And when I first met him in The world goes on, he came to me very angrily and said (Eos puts a sharp voice, editor): “I’ve already written a book!” I said sorry and he passed me by.”

Despite his counterattack, Mark Marie – who, like Eos, appears to be good friends with Matisse van Neukirk – claims he is not angry. “I don’t forget, but I forgive. I wasn’t even crazy. He also had a distorted view of history, a strange view of how things went. Because he remembers all kinds of things from Buckenball. Like I’ve done evil to him. I’ve never been angry about anything.” (…) I really know myself, I don’t care about that at all. I didn’t say “funny evil.” I looked into his dead eyes and probably said kindly, “Oh my God, I wrote a book too.”

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