Mark Marie is frustrated with the smartest person: Parts of me are cut off

Mark Marie is frustrated with the smartest person: Parts of me are cut off

Mark Marie, for example, tells Av Brandt Curstius, who makes the podcast with him, that: “Anyway, I’ve been involved and held it four times and We just had a riot with Caroline van der PlasThat she said something that was cut and she thought it was ridiculous. They also cut out something I didn’t like very much, to be honest,” Mark Marie begins his story.

The scammer himself had been on the jury for the Belgian version for several years and wondered aloud during the recordings why Martin van Rossum, a jury member for the Dutch version, sometimes worried about the Belgian version. “He’s always acting a little childish,” explains Mark Marie. “While I think, if you have a very successful program, like him, you can be a little generous. Just say, ‘It’s a great program too,’ because they’re just two different programs. That’s what I said. Cut them all out.”

Marc Marie thinks it’s ridiculous to cut it afterwards: “Because I thought: ‘It’s a little strange to sit there and not say anything about that Belgian version.'”

Aaf thinks it most likely has to do with the fact that a lot is recorded during recordings, but not everything can be broadcast due to lack of time: “Recordings take much longer than such an episode.”

Finally, Mark Marie told you that he really liked to share it, despite the lack of some quotes during the broadcast: “I really liked it. I really liked Martin and Philip and liked the atmosphere in the studio and had a great time.” The Conversation over here to listen again.

Mark Marie recently appeared in the news because he was attacked in the street. He was punched in the face after he got into a fight with two traffic users in Amsterdam. What exactly happened and how it ended, Read again here.

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