May 28, 2023

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Mariupol Meyer: Talk of genocide • Biden on Putin: This man can not last in power

Mariupol Meyer: Talk of genocide • Biden on Putin: This man can not last in power

The war that the West is now waging against Russia is a long way off. US President Biden made the remarks in a speech in Warsaw. “It’s not easy, it costs a lot. But it’s a price we should be willing to pay.” The previous day, Biden had met Poland and Ukraine in Warsaw.

Biden addressed a large gathering at the Royal Castle in the Polish capital. In doing so, he often referred to the past as the words of Pope Pope John Paul II when he took office in 1978: “Do not be afraid.”

Biden says the struggle for democracy does not end with the Cold War. The US President said that Ukraine is currently at the forefront of the struggle for independence and democracy.

Biden called Russia’s war against Ukraine “already a strategic defeat.” Biden says the only solution is the destruction of the Russian economy and the bonding of the West.

Biden also addressed the Russian people. “If you can ask me: Russian people, you are not our enemy, Russian people, this war is unworthy of you.” The U.S. president ended his speech by saying that Putin should not be Russia’s leader: “For God’s sake, this person cannot be in power.”

Did Biden call seriously Regime change It is not entirely clear from his words that Russia, or Putin, is expressing hope that he will lose his power. Earlier, US Secretary of State Blingen said the United States was not interested in regime change.