Mariki Elsenga will be back on the radio from Monday | right Now

Mariki Elsenga will be back on the radio from Monday |  right Now

Marieke Elsinga returned on Monday 30 May on the Qmusic morning show. Together with Mate Falk, she will be working on the radio again after more than a month’s break. A couple of weeks ago, the TV and radio maker had already told her she was doing better, but she didn’t quite want to go back.

Elsinga still takes time off every Wednesday for the upcoming period. You haven’t said yet how long you’ll keep doing that.

The radio maker is already back in RTL Boulevardwhere she acts as an introduction. A week ago I started recording a new program.

“If you stumble there and things go wrong, it’s not with you, but with RTL. But it was so much fun,” Elsinga told her colleague Falk.

“Press the brakes for a moment”

The anchor announced in April that she would be temporarily taking a break from her television and radio work. “I often get asked: How do you keep up with it, make radio and TV? My answer is always: I think it’s the best thing to do. It gives me a lot of energy.”

“But recently I noticed that it was costing me energy. That’s why I decided to hit the brakes for a while, even in a couple of years I can still say I enjoy doing this more than anything. That’s why I’m going,” Elsinga said at the time.

In recent weeks, Elsinga has not listened to the morning show. “I thought it would be best to stay away from all of that for a while.”

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