Marco Schwettmaker Releases New Song: “But I Won’t Get Rid of Englebewarder” | Displays

Marco Schwettmaker Releases New Song: "But I Won't Get Rid of Englebewarder" |  Displays

He’s only 24 years old, but with nearly 25 million streams on Spotify, he’s already a massive hit. Guardian Angel. Marco Schuetmacker, who released his new number on Thursday Summer night in Greece Launched, its success can hardly be understood. “We were in the office with ten people and we got eighty calls.”

Not normal, not really normal. ” That’s the only thing Marco Schwetmaker can say when asked about the success of his film Guardian Angel. The 24-year-old singer from Roden has received both a gold and platinum record and is now performing across the country. Not to mention the nearly 25 million streams on Spotify.

Schuitmaker grew up with Dutch music and knew the origin Guardian AngelWritten by Pierre Kartner longer. But when he pulled some vinyl records from his father’s massive collection from a closet early last year, he felt he had to do something with the song. “It got stuck in my head,” he says. In contrast to the original version, which Schweetmaker sang “very loaded”, he wanted to make it a party song. He thought his guardian angel saved him, you can also turn that into something positive. But when he came up with this idea in the studio, he was advised “not to do it”.

The singer followed his hunch and — after the song sat on shelves for six months — moved on. ,, It was not at all intended to score a hit. But that’s it. ” In an instant his life changed. “We were in the office with ten people, there were eighty calls with requests for Marco Schwetmaker,” laughs the singer, who has now also performed at major festivals such as Pinkpop and 538 Koningsdag.,,everything Change. Really everything. People want to be photographed all the time, even at the gas station. I really enjoy sharing this success with everyone.”

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Springboard for his career

Schuitmaker is enjoying success Guardian Angel, but he also wants to continue. His number appeared on Thursday Summer night in Greece, which was already on one of his albums, but has now been given a new look. “It’s a song I’m very proud of myself and always sinks in with me, but my feeling of releasing it again was enhanced because it was requested every time during bookings,” he explains.

Or that his new song is a success Guardian Angel can exceed? A delightful Schuitmaker remains realistic: “I don’t think I can remember anyone ever recording a monster hitting twice in a row, certainly not of the Dutch kind.” Besides, it’s not about that for him. “The music feels. And if the feeling is right, it doesn’t get any better for me.” Schuitmaker prefers to see his first success as a stepping stone to the rest of his career. For example, a duet with Jan Smit will be released after the summer he works on new music. But there is one thing I know for sure: Who Guardian Angel I will never go down! “

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