Marco Borsato looks back on the darkest days of his life at Heathuis

Marco Borsato looks back on the darkest days of his life at Heathuis

He tells Marco that his father was actually young in his life. After his separation from Marie Borsato, Marco’s mother, he left for Italy. “The longer he died, the more I missed him. While he wasn’t already there.” Marie was alone in the Netherlands, but she did her best to ensure that her children kept in touch with their father. “My mum saved our hard-earned money so we could go to him during the holidays. I saw him six weeks a year. My mum always kept a big picture of him. If he forgot my birthday, she bought his place give me.”

Marco says that especially after breaking up with Leontine, he really felt the need to speak to his father, who had already passed away by then. “I did it in quiet moments. The funny thing is I feel like he’s listening. When the love of your life, the mother of your children, leaves you, you were really numb. Marco is still somewhat happy that it happened that way, because he says he learned so much from her.” Now Life different. Now I’ve learned why I do certain things. After all, you are a product of your parents and your environment.”

Remarkably, Marco suffered a stroke in 2016, on the anniversary of his father’s death. “I was on my way to a concert and all of a sudden I saw the picture shaking. I stopped at a station and took the Mars and then I noticed it wouldn’t go away. Then I got out of the car and went to look in the window from the gas station or my face was flabby and it wasn’t, but I didn’t feel comfortable so I headed over Straight to the hospital where I was on a CT scan within a few minutes and it turned out it was Tia I stayed there for a week and made a full recovery.”

Marco also recalls his divorce from Leontine and the attempt at reconciliation that brought them back together. The singer wrote her a letter taking full responsibility for what he did. “I wrote it for Christmas. I asked my son if he wanted to put it on her bed. When I read it it was a very beautiful moment, I find it very hopeful.”

He is not afraid to make a mistake again. “Every day I choose what to do and not do. And if I think that no longer fits who I want to be, I hit the brakes.”

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