Marco Borsato impersonator in suitcase and ashes: All my reservations have been cancelled

Marco Borsato impersonator in suitcase and ashes: All my reservations have been cancelled

The fact that a large part of the Netherlands has turned its back on Marco Borsato (55) after allegations of sexually abusive behavior does not only have consequences for the singer himself. impersonator Marco Borsato Gus and super fan Miranda were also destroyed. They recorded it for the singer on NTR #Ajwad.

“My guest book has been attacked with very strange messages, like I’m Marco Borsato”

In the series of reports # ajwad Presenter Ajwad Al-Miludi delves into controversial topics, topics, and groups on which opinions differ widely. In the last episode, Ajwad focuses on the culture of cancellation, and specifically on Marco Borsato. Since Marco Accused From transgressive sexual behavior, the singer was interrupted in many places. What does he do with his fans who adore him and imitators who make their money off his music?

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“It is very wise that Marco Borsato is silent”

Miranda calls herself Marco Borsato’s biggest fan, while proudly displaying the finest of her collection of CDs and stills with the artist. And yes, the sun and the moon are still for her despite the ongoing lawsuit. “I thought that couldn’t be true. I don’t recognize Marco in him at all,” she says. “I love him as an artist, I love him as the man Marco.” She does not believe the accusations. “The Netherlands has gone crazy. (…) I don’t think Marco has done anything wrong at all.”

Marco Borsato Fan Club Days, organized by Myranda, are temporarily closed. “I think of all the beautiful years. I think the Netherlands forget what Marco put in the last 30 years, what a real artist he was. I think we can support Marco. The Marco we know should come back.” As she says, “A person is not guilty unless a judge finds him guilty. Stop canceling, stop destroying people.”

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Marco’s cancellation hits Myranda in the heart, but Marco Borsato impersonator Jose Coffey is especially in the wallet. “It’s not normal, as I did,” Joss says of his past party success. β€œAt that time there was not an atom in the air.”

Joss looks back with nostalgia at his performance up to Kuala Lumpur. “I was working on a very big project in Belgium. It stopped since the rumors about Borsato. My income has dropped dramatically.” Gus also has hate in his head. “My guest book has been attacked with very strange messages about Borsato. Almost as if I am Borsato. They already have a record in their heads.”

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Joss in burlap and ash. “I’m home a lot. I’ve had a lot of reservations for this year, and they’ve all been cancelled.” Gus is disappointed by the “negative atmosphere” that now surrounds Borsato’s songs. It’s a shame that he thinks: “There are so many beautiful songs.”

He also defends the singer: “Nothing has ever been proven, but the whole of Holland thinks it is. I think that’s too bad, this guy has already been fully convicted. I understand that he was subjected to certain temptations. I have also passed several times where he presents The people themselves are almost on a silver platter (…) The children are a different story, of course, but again, nothing has been proven so far.”

Delivery # ajwad It can be seen every Thursday around 9pm. On NTR on NPO 3 and see again here.

Marco Borsato’s lawyers have recently criticized these allegations:

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