March 31, 2023

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Kinderen Marco reageren op Borsato-gate

Marco Borsato children’s reaction: ‘We know what we know’

It hasn’t been easy for Marco Borsato’s kids these past few weeks. After news came out that their father was accused of “indecent assaults”, they received so many threats that they decided to respond.

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Luca, Marco Borsato’s son, says the situation is affecting him, it’s Jada and Cena. They have to deal with the most serious threats via social media and they are also being harassed via email. Luca decides to respond to the situation.

“We won’t talk about it anymore.”

“What’s particularly important is that ‘relatives’ don’t have much to do with this in direct understanding anyway,” he says in a conversation with Showbiz RealityFbi. We know what we know and that’s it. We won’t discuss that in more detail.”

Luca tells us he supports Marco with Jada and Cena, but that’s not yet a reason to receive threats. This is an issue on its own. And we support thick and thin,” says Luca. “That we and people ever get threats about this is too weak for words really.”

Leontine previously told RTL Boulevard that she and her children were “extremely upset and upset” by the situation. She also said that she would not comment in the next two months.

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