Man Went to New Avatar Movie Over 50 Times: ‘I’m Not Finished Yet’

Rick is nog lang niet klaar met de film.

Private cinematic record in Tilburg: A 59-year-old man went to cinema Avatar: The Way of Water 56 times a month. This is very special because “the most expensive movie ever made” has a running time of at least 192 minutes. And the man is far from the film.

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Avatar: The Way of Water is the long-awaited sequel to Avatar (2009) and was released in Dutch cinemas on December 14th. The ambitious film series comes from the famous James Cameron, director of Titanic and the first two Terminator films (“I’ll be back”).

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting the second Avatar movie for the past fourteen years, and this time it immersed viewers in the colorful oceans of the planet Pandora. Few people looked up to her as much as 59-year-old Rick Bratje from Tilburg.

Hence, De Pathé in Tilburg Stappegoor awarded a testimonial to Rick on Friday afternoon, who has visited the film exactly 56 times. This certificate was handed to him on Friday afternoon in a cinema. “I am so grateful,” he says. “But I’m far from done here. Today I’m going for the 56th and 57th time. And then I’ll keep going.”

“Rick even spoiled us with bacon for Christmas.”

With his monthly Pathé subscription in his pocket, Rick visits the movie twice a day: once at the Pathé cinema in central Tilburg and once at the Pathé Tilburg Stappegoor. It is logically known in the cinema. “We spoiled Rick with bacon at Christmas,” says one of the directors of Pathé.

Cinema doesn’t think anyone will ever match their record again. In total, he was in the cinema for almost seven full days, and that’s in just 31 days. “I’ve also seen the priest thirty times,” he explains. “I went to the movies maybe 500 times last year.”

The question arises: what inspires one? “Nothing inspires me. I work hard and I’m an ordinary citizen. But this movie is an experience. I want to write history here. The entire Pathé team is so proud of me. I’m really close to Guinness World Records,” Rick explains.

He just can’t get enough of it. “The beginning and the end are so good. I’m the last to leave the room every time.”

“When the third part comes out, I’m going to make another record.”

The current phenomenon is “post-avatar depression syndrome” (PADS). After the first movie, there were numerous reports of viewers craving the Avatar world so badly that they became depressed once they returned to the “real world”. Rick understands that. “That’s why I call it the full experience. It’s always full here for a reason.”

Rick assures that this movie has it all. He can’t wait for the next part. “When Part III comes out, I’m going to make another record. Then I’m going 100 a month.”

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