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German email service is discontinuing old mail and office subscriptions. Therefore, customers must switch to subscriptions offered by the service since 2021. This may mean an increase in prices for some customers.

As of April 2021, is only offering Light, Standard, and Premium subscriptions to new customers, but old customers can continue to use their Mail or Office subscriptions. the service Declare now To stop these old subscriptions and say they will accept limited or no more payments for those old subscriptions. Customers whose subscription expires within four weeks can once again extend for another three months. Subscriptions that last more than four weeks cannot be extended.

The email service says it has to do this because of the global economic situation and rising hardware costs, data center capacity, and wages. This is why the company is discontinuing older, cheaper subscriptions at times. Customers who switch can use this new subscription for free for two or six months content passes use, a German service that allows users to access certain websites without ads or tracking. offers encrypted email with, for example, pgp encryption and customers can choose their own email domain. With older subscriptions anonymous and prepaid registrations were possible. Both are not possible with new subscriptions and annual subscriptions are required. In addition, with a €1 per month Light subscription, cloud storage and additional services are no longer included, and a MailXL subscription costs €0.50 more in the new format than before. also offers office services, team mail, and a video calling service. subscriptions were introduced in 2021

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