Maduro says Venezuelan gold is being stolen from the UK – Venezuela – internationally

President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, This Wednesday they promised “they are stealing” Gold deposited by your country in the Bank of England “Theft of the 21st century,” he described.

“They are stealing Venezuelan gold reserves from Venezuela’s central bank, which are not owned by the government, they belong to an autonomous company (…) more than $ 2,000 million worth of gold and gold bars were deposited in the Bank of England,” Maduro said in a government statement.

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They are stealing Venezuelan gold reserves from the central bank of Venezuela, which are not owned by the government, but by an autonomous entity

The British Supreme Court said on Wednesday it would rule “as soon as possible” in the case of Venezuela’s deposit of gold in the UK, with its authority sought by both the administration of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and a parallel committee of opposition leaders. Juan Guida.

At the end of a three-day trial in London, five UK High Court judges agreed that it would take “some time” to examine the complex arguments raised by their respective lawyers, who ended their charges today.

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The Supreme Court, which has analyzed Gaida’s appeal against the previous unfavorable opinion, should determine who the British executive really considers to be the ruler for all purposes in Venezuela, over the gold that is the authority of the policy of the Board of the Central Bank of Venezuela (PCV).

If it finally comes to an end, based on the English judiciary – and not just what the London administrator is saying – that President Guide should clarify whether British justice should accept his political appointments (including the Board). They are invalid by the Supreme Court of Caracas.

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In this regard, Maduro assured that international sanctions “persecution” and “theft of property abroad” had offended the country, and stressed that those assets “belong to a government that is not in Venezuela.”
“They have discovered the government of Narnia, our companies, money, accounts and the imaginary of stealing Venezuela’s gold,” he said, without mentioning President Guido.

Finally, he said it was “a case of theft in the 21st century because the money came from Venezuela.” “That gold belongs to Venezuela, in particular, to the Venezuelan central bank, they are the country’s reserves,” he concluded.


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