February 7, 2023

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Mac Mini M2 and Mac Mini Tower spotted in online store

Mac Mini M2 and Mac Mini Tower spotted in online store

Webshop B&H Photos has created placeholder pages for two unknown Mac Minis. The announcement of new Mac Mini products at Apple’s WWDC conference, which kicks off tomorrow, may herald.

first page It is for the so-called “Apple MAC MINI 8/256 M2”. The M2 will stand here for the soon-to-be-awaited M2 chip from Apple. 8/256 will mean 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage.

The other page Dedicated to “Apple MAC MINI TOWER 8/256 M1P”, which looks like a new kind of “tower” version of Mac Mini with M1 Pro chip.

Product pages are otherwise blank: no description, specifications, or photos. It could be a test page, an unfounded suspicion or error by B&H Photos. However, it is a coincidence that they were set up near WWDC, especially since the web store is an “authorized distributor” of Apple products.

Mac Minis aren’t the only products to be announced at WWDC. Earlier this week, rumors swirled about a new MacBook Air, with an M2 chip as well. Apple WWDC takes place again this year Online placeFrom tomorrow to Friday.

B&H Pictures (1)(2)

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