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Elden Ring’s lyrics seem to mean nothing, claims a Latin student. The soundtrack producers are said to have confirmed that the lyrics are actually gibberish and were computer generated to sound sexy and catchy.

Many of the words in the Elden Ring are made to resemble Latin, but according to a classical student, the words usually don’t mean anything at all. Reddit user Magister Organi It started with Song of Lament which was already written in Latin, like this Eurogamer writes† This turned out to be the only song from the Elden Ring soundtrack written by a particular lyricist.

Contact other song producers for more translations, And then he was informed That the team behind the Elden Ring, among other things, used computer-generated sounds to create an “old-language impression”. The few words that appear in Latin mean nothing in the context of numbers.

He shared his experiences in a Reddit post that the moderator deleted, which Through the Wayback Machine It is still visible. In the comments, he also replies to other translations of Elden Ring songs; On the Internet, it may be wrongly suggested that the soundtrack is additional knowledge The game contains.

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