Lula: US must stop promoting war in Ukraine

Lula: US must stop promoting war in Ukraine

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva said the US must stop “promoting war” in Ukraine. The President said this on his final day, Saturday Official visit to ChinaBrazil’s major trading partner. During his two-day visit, Lula insisted that Brazil was “back on the world stage” and hoped to mediate the conflict in Ukraine.

“The United States must stop promoting war and start talking about peace. The European Union must also start talking about peace,” Lula told reporters in Beijing on Saturday. According to Lula, it is important to be patient in negotiations with Putin and Zelensky, but above all to “persuade the countries that supply weapons and encourage them to stop the war.” ” Necessary. Only then can the international community convince Putin and Zelensky that “peace is in the interest of the whole world.”

Brazil takes a neutral position in the war between Russia and Ukraine and often emphasizes the importance of negotiations. Lula is also trying to strengthen his ties with the United States; The President met again with US President Joe Biden in February.

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