Luk Ikink Is Instantly Recognized On The Masked Singer: ‘It Was My Ankle’

Luk Ikink Is Instantly Recognized On The Masked Singer: 'It Was My Ankle'

as a participant in disguised singer Your biggest concern is to make sure that you are not betraying yourself and not being recognized. The latter goes wrong almost immediately in Luuk’s case. Even before he could sing a single tune, Carlo and Loretta had already exclaimed that he was wearing the alien suit. Luke can explain that.

“I go up on stage and run around Robin. I take another round and I stop at a certain moment,” Luke begins to after the mask. “The first thing I hear is Carlo saying, ‘It’s Luke Eikenk.’ I was wearing the suit and I thought: ‘People can see it from my ankle. That’s all I can see.'”

Even before Luuk begins his performance, he has to pick himself up again. “I think it was a joke to Carlo and Loretta. That alien, this is Luke Eikenk. I understand that too. They were absolutely right.”

They are definitely right. You can watch the reveal again below.

Not only did Carlo and Loretta find out who was hiding in the Alien suit after the first performance. At the time, Locke still had to account for himself on RTL Boulevard, but he knows how to keep his own when it’s positioned in front of the building.

Tonight Luuk will join RTL Boulevard at 6.35pm to talk about his participation in The masked singer. disguised singer It airs every Friday at 8pm on RTL 4.

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