Luis Diaz’s father is released after being kidnapped by a rebel group in Colombia

Luis Diaz's father is released after being kidnapped by a rebel group in Colombia

Luis Díaz’s father was released after being kidnapped by the National Liberation Army (ELN, by its Spanish acronym) in Colombia.

The National Liberation Army is an armed rebel group that has been operating inside the country since 1964, and the Colombian government said it was responsible for the kidnapping of Diaz’s parents, Luis Manuel Diaz and Selenis Marulanda.

Oti Patino, the Colombian government’s chief peace negotiator with the ELN, said the kidnapping of Diaz’s parents “was carried out by a faction of the ELN.”

Diaz’s mother was rescued while efforts were made to find his father, amid fears that he might be taken across the Colombian border into Venezuela. However, he has now been released.

Liverpool said in a statement that it was “delighted by the news of the safe return of Luis Diaz’s father, and we thank everyone who participated in securing his release.”

“The Colombian Football Federation thanks the national government, the military forces and the national police, as well as all the institutions and employees who made it possible to free Luis Manuel Díaz, the father of our player Luis,” a statement issued by the Colombian Football Federation said. Diaz.

“Football as a sporting discipline symbolizes talent, dedication, teamwork and the core values ​​of human beings. In Colombia, it must continue to be a reference for entertainment, healthy competition, unity and joy.

He added: “Therefore, we insist on the necessity of preserving this activity, as well as those in charge of it, in the sports and administrative aspects and their families, away from any scenario different from sports.”

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“Behind the ball are the dreams and hopes of boys and girls, youth, women and men, adult footballers, their loved ones and the entire country.

“Football is the emotion of peace. No one should think about attacking this reality again!”

Jurgen Klopp told TNT Sports: “Lucio is really happy, excellent all the time, so he looks very good. Timing wise it couldn’t have been better. We asked him and he wants (to play), very good.”

Colombia’s President, Gustavo Petro, posted on social media, saying: “Long live freedom and peace.”

Earlier this month, the ELN demanded “security guarantees” from the Colombian government before releasing Díaz’s father.

A statement by the National Liberation Army, signed by Commander José Manuel Martinez Quiroz, said: “On November 2, we informed the country of the decision to release Luis Manuel Díaz. Since that date, we have begun the process of accomplishing this as quickly as possible. We are making efforts to avoid incidents with the forces.” Governmental.

“The area is still military. They are carrying out overflights, landing troops, broadcasting and offering rewards as part of an intense search operation. This situation does not allow the release plan to be carried out quickly and safely, where Luis Manuel Díaz is not in danger.

He added: “If operations continue in the region, it will delay the launch process and increase the risks. We understand the suffering of the Diaz Marulanda family, and we tell them that we will fulfill our promise to release him unilaterally, as soon as we obtain security guarantees for the development of the liberation process.”

Diaz revealed a message after his taping on Sunday (Image: Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images)

After scoring against Luton Town, Diaz lifted his shirt to reveal a message that read “Libertad Para Papa” (Freedom for Father).

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The former Porto man then issued a statement that read: “Today, the footballer is not speaking to you, today Lucho Diaz, the son of Luis Manuel Diaz, is speaking to you. Mane, my father, is a tireless worker, the mainstay of the family and he has been kidnapped.

“I ask the National Liberation Army to immediately release my father, and I ask international organizations to intervene for his freedom. Every second, every minute, our torment increases; my mother, my brothers and I are desperate, anguished and unable to find the words to describe what we feel. This will never end.” Suffering only when we return him to his homeland.

“I beg you to release him immediately, respect his integrity and end this agonizing wait as quickly as possible. In the name of love and compassion, we ask you to reconsider your actions and allow us to recover him.

“I thank Colombians and the international community for their support, thank you for the many expressions of affection and solidarity in this very difficult time that many families in my country are going through.”

Liverpool is scheduled to face Toulouse in the next round of the Europa League on Thursday evening.


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