Lucy does not think science still has a chance: “Leclerc is not immune to mistakes”

Lucy does not think science still has a chance: "Leclerc is not immune to mistakes"

Vitantonio Luci hopes that Carlos Science will have more chances in the battle for the world title. Having to retire early during races in Melbourne and Imola, the Spanish driver was finally able to score again in Miami. Lucy, who drove for Red Bull Racing, finds, among others, Charles Lecklerk making even more important mistakes.

Science was relieved after finishing third in Miami. The Ferrari driver is currently battling his teammate. “Sainz has gone through a tough time recently,” Lucy said Car Sprint“You have a tough time against a driver like Leklerk. Science is a good driver, but he’s been very vulnerable lately. But let’s not forget that Leklerk is not immune to mistakes. We saw him in Monaco last year and in Imola this season.”

“If Ferrari’s car is competitive, science will get results,” the Italian continues. Former driver Louis Hamilton points out the title battle between him and Nico Rosberg. Germany won against expectations at the World Championships. “We must not forget what happened in 2016. Rosberg’s world title shows that even the most talented drivers can have tough moments. “

Lucy: ‘It’s a shame not to compete for the Mercedes title’

In 2016 Mercedes still dominated the title fight, but now the German racing position is having a tough time. Lucy thinks this is a disgrace to the game. “It is a great shame that Mercedes is not currently participating in the battle for the World Championship. Hamilton and Russell could have taken the show to the next level. A show like this is good for the game because last year we saw one of the best championships of the last twenty years. I think they will be competing for the title again soon, “said the former Formula 1 driver.

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