Lucille Werner is not satisfied with Hugo de Jonge’s handicap joke

Kamerlid Lucille Werner (CDA) (foto: Noël van Hooft)

Politician and former Lingo presenter Lucille Werner wasn’t entirely happy with a joke made by CDA party member and Housing Minister Hugo de Jonge about people with disabilities on Humberto’s broadcast Friday night. “It’s a pity that it’s said that way, even though I know Hugo very well,” answered the Eindhoven deputy at the talk show table.

In an article by reporter Jair Verwerda about Werner’s departure from the Chamber of Deputies, de Jonge tells of his memories of her, when a car drove up and Verwerda pushed him aside. “Thank you for protecting me from being run over, otherwise I would have been handicapped,” De Jong said. Werner has a disability and has always worked on behalf of people with disabilities in the room.

There was a refusal on the table. Werner believed that de Jong made an “awkward statement” mainly with his joke. “He doesn’t mean it that way,” she said, “but it’s been a long time…”. “What I find complicated about this is that people with disabilities should be seen as potential people. As people who can do something, who can be happy and who are not pathetic, weak or anxious.”

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