Luca Borsato’s relationship broke down after contact with other women: “Crossing the Border” | show

Luca Borsato's relationship broke down after contact with other women: "Crossing the Border" |  show

Luca Borsato regrets dating other women while he had a girlfriend. This is what Marco Borsato’s son wrote in his Instagram stories today, after it became known that his relationship with Daisy Piras ended. “You have crossed a huge line.”

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Luca had been in contact with other women during his relationship. Not long after that, Daisy, who once worked as a seducer in Temptation Island: Love or Leave It can be seen that she and Luca are no longer a couple. Today, 23-year-old Luca decided to put on his robe and apologize to his ex-girlfriend.

You have crossed a big mistake. Calling over and over to other women and talking in black about my relationship (sic) is outrageous and I should never have done it. I am very aware of this. I have to look at myself deeply in the mirror for this,” wrote Luca, who recently wrote first one Launched.

Marco and Leontine’s son says he wants to become a better person and that he will work hard for it “with all the help that is involved”.

difficult decision

According to Luca, it was a difficult decision to end his relationship with Daisy. We love each other dearly. But for now we move on as friends. Daisy is a global woman, and I love her with everything I have. This will not change. I hope you give us the rest to slowly give everything a place.

He asserts that his ex-wife is “not the culprit”. ‘I’m always by her side. That’s what it is now’, concludes Borsato’s Descendants.

Luca and Daisy have been together for a year. Earlier this month, Luca put her in the spotlight. I keep you very close and proudly your best friend and lover in one. To our life together, my dear,” he wrote at the time with a series of photographs.

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