Louis Vuitton Off-White Designer and Founder Virgil Abloh Dies (41)

Louis Vuitton Off-White Designer and Founder Virgil Abloh Dies (41)

American fashion designer, DJ and founder of Off-White Virgil Abloh has died at the age of 41. This is his family on instagram announced. Abloh suffered from a rare cancer which was diagnosed in 2019. He kept the news of the diagnosis confidential, as well as the treatments he was undergoing.

Growing up in Chicago, Abloh was creative across all trades. He studied architecture at Illinois Technical College, starting at age 22 as a creative assistant to rapper Kanye West. Contribute ideas for shows, merchandise, and album covers for the world-famous rapper.

In 2013, Abloh founded the fashion brand Off-White. His work was considered innovative as he approached streetwear such as hoodies and sneakers as luxury fashion products. As a result, Off-White clothing has become especially popular among the younger generations.

Louis Vuitton at IKEA

His success with Off-White led established brands to take an interest in Abloh’s work. In 2018, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton appointed Abloh as the creative director for its men’s collections. Car brand Mercedes asked Abloh to design an SUV in 2020, as a technical project. Abloh has also made products for Nike, Jimmy Choo, McDonald’s, and IKEA, among others.

In parallel to his career in fashion and design, Abloh has traveled the world as a DJ. His name was DJ Can Flat White. In 2019, he played in the Amsterdam club shelter.

Check out DJ Virgil Abloh’s collection below:

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