February 4, 2023

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Long-awaited GTA VI video game images leaked, makers shocked

Long-awaited GTA VI video game images leaked, makers shocked

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The intruder has Pictures have been published online for the highly anticipated new video game GTA VI. They ended up in an online forum for fans. The leak came as a huge shock to employees of the Rockstar Games development company, anonymous sources told Bloomberg News.

Dozens of videos of the next release of one of the biggest games in the gaming industry appeared on the forum yesterday. The previous version of the game, GTA V, made over $850 million in a single day. In the end, the game became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.

According to the sources, a leak of this size is rare, but it is For confirmation The pictures are original. Rockstar is expected to release a statement today.

Shares of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. fell. , the company under which Rockstar falls, to more than 6 percent in pre-trading due to the leak. Advance trading is a good indicator of what the stock will do when the markets open in America.

The images show a video game that is still in the development stage. The final version looks better according to the sources. The Twitter page dedicated to the leak claims that the screenshots are not from the development stages of the final game. leaked photos by account Three to seven years Old.

A widely shared video shows a character robbing a restaurant and being left in a police car:

The hacker said on the forum that he wanted to make a deal with Rockstar Games, which gives the impression that he has more pictures. It would also threaten to leak the source code, the “building blocks” of which the game is made. It is not clear what kind of deal the hacker wants.

The hacker claims to be the same person who ended up last week Hack global taxi and Uber delivery service.

Bloomberg said that Rockstar has been developing GTA VI since 2014. For the first time, one of the main characters becomes a woman, and much of the story is set in a fictional part of Miami. In February, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. The game is running. The company’s shares immediately rose 7 percent.

It is not yet clear when GTA VI will be available to play. Rockstar has likely been in development for a while and will launch in early 2024, according to a Bloomberg journalist.