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Logitech will no longer release products bearing the blue brand name. Blue Microphones began in 1995 as an independent company. Logitech bought the recording hardware manufacturer in 2018. The word “Blue” will continue to be used to refer to the names of the technologies.

Existing blue-branded products, such as the Blue Yeti X and Blue Snowball Ice, will be brought under the Logitech G brand and will lose the “blue” part in the name, Logitech said. In a Reddit post. Blue is now only used as a name for its technologies, such as the “Blue VO! CE” filters found in some microphones and headphones.

Bluemic.com is now redirecting to the Logitech website. on product pages The change has already been implemented, although the physical products still have a “blue” logo. It is not clear if this will change in the future. Products within the Astro line are now also sold as part of Logitech G, but they still retain the Astro brand name. The manufacturer did not mention the reason for this difference. The Logitech for Creators brand will also disappear, which will also be integrated into the Logitech G. The separate social media accounts for the three brands will be inactive as of July 7.

The Blue Microphones brand is now 28 years old. Among other things, microphones, headphones, amplifiers and shock stabilizers were released under this brand. Logitech acquired the company in 2018 for $117 million. The company’s co-founder, Skipper Wise, Late to the edge I know it’s unfortunate that the brand name is now pretty much gone, but he says they have to “accept it” because he sold the company.

The Blue Yeti Pro will now be known as “just” the Yeti Pro

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