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Logitech is marketing the MX Keys Mini, a small version of the current MX Keys keyboard. The little variant lacks the block with number keys, but it does have an emoji button and a button for quickly saying text. The suggested retail price is the same as the large issue price.

from MX Keys Mini Do tklvariant of Logitech MX Switches, which has been on the market for some time. The small variant is available from Tuesday at a suggested retail price of 109 euros. Like the larger version, the MX Keys Mini is a wireless keyboard that can be connected to a computer or tablet via Bluetooth. Unlike the large variant, the MX Keys Mini can also handle Logi Bolt, a proprietary wireless protocol recently developed by Logitech. announce. However, Logitech does not provide the necessary Logi Bolt Receiver with the MX Keys Mini.

The MX Keys Mini also has the same characteristics as the large variant. This means it’s the same Intelligent backlight control she has. So the key illumination is adjusted automatically. However, the lighting can also be set or turned off manually. Moreover, it supports MX Keys Mini Computer Flow Control, a feature of bundled software. The keyboard can be connected to two computers at the same time and by controlling the flow through the computer, text or images can be cut and pasted from one computer to another. This is also possible if the two computers have different operating systems. The necessary software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

However, the MX Keys Mini also has functionality that the large variant lacks. Under F7, the new emoji button is hidden. Through the button, a popup can be called up in which you can choose from a whole series of emojis. It can then be pasted into the open application. The F9 key also acts as the mute button and below F6 the dictation function. Users can then record a short text that is converted into typed text by Logitech Options software. By the way, the keyboard does not have a microphone. Options All function keys are customizable through the options program.

The MX Keys Mini is available in white, gray and pink. An Apple version of the keyboard will also appear, with slightly modified keys. The Apple version also comes with a different charging cable. The Windows version comes with USB-A to USB-C, and the Apple version comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Logitech will also bring a commercial variant of the MX Keys Mini to market, which will include a Logi Bolt receiver. It will be released at the end of October, but the price is not yet known. It also seems logical that the larger MX keys will be updated with the three new function keys, but it is not yet known if that will appear.

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