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Logitech is releasing a number of new accessories for gamers, including a direct-to-race steering wheel and pedal kit for PC and consoles. The company also comes with a new gaming headset, earphones, and a microphone.

The products come from Logitech G, the gaming arm of the accessory manufacturer. The company is releasing a direct drive steering wheel with accompanying pedals for use in racing games. The Pro Racing Wheel and Pro Racing Pedals feature Trueforce technology for more realistic feedback. The pedals use a magnetic system that can better detect pressure and can be configured as a dual clutch or as a pedal that can be used as a parking brake. The pedals can be moved horizontally to allow users to find the optimal configuration for themselves. Other components of the pedals can also be adjusted; For example, users can adjust the pressure applied to the three pedals by replacing the coil springs.

The racing wheel has A, B, X, Y buttons and a number of other buttons that can be accessed with a single click of a thumb. Players can set up five different profiles and install a steering wheel on their desk or table.

The steering wheel and pedals are on sale this month for €1099 and €349, respectively. The wheel comes in a configuration for PC, PS4, and PS5, and a second configuration for PC and Xbox Series X, S, and One. The pedals are compatible with Windows PCs via a USB port and can also be used on keyboards when paired with the handlebars.

Logitech is also releasing new headphones. The headset is G Astro A30, a wireless headset with a detachable microphone boom. The A30 has a 40mm audio driver and supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connections over 15m in length, and also has a 3.5mm jack. With the companion app, users can set different audio profiles, for example, gaming or listening to music. The A30 has ear cushions and a headband in it memory foam.

According to the manufacturer, the speaker has a battery life of 27 hours. It charges via a USB-C connection. An adapter that allows the headphones to support Logitech’s Lightspeed Communication Protocol can also be connected through this connection.

In addition to the new headphones, Logitech also offers Fits G . series earphones. These are white or black Bluetooth-LE headphones with a frequency range of up to 20kHz and a 10mm audio driver. Each weighs 7.2 grams and has dimensions of 35 x 22.8 x 24.5 mm. Via Bluetooth, the speakers have 10 hours of listening and 6.5 hours of talk time. It can be shipped in a box with a USB-C connection.

Finally, Logitech is also releasing a new microphone for use with the desktop. The Blue Sona with an XLR connection uses ClearAmp technology that can provide a boost of 25 dB. The microphone can filter out ambient noise and the device is equipped with a swivel arm that can rotate 290 degrees.

The A30 headphones will be available from October for $229, but it’s unknown if they will also be available in the Netherlands. Anyway, the G Fits are; Its cost was $229 in America. The Blue Sona microphone is available from today and costs 349 euros.

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