Live Blog | Total panther tanks were smashed; US will provide ATACMS missiles

Live Blog |  Total panther tanks were smashed;  US will provide ATACMS missiles

This live blog is no longer maintained. Visit our current live blog for the latest developments surrounding the war in Ukraine.

Total panther tanks were broken

Twelve of the twenty Panther-1 tanks Denmark sent to Ukraine have broken down. This is what Danish TV channel TV2 and Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Independent reported, citing Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

Ten tanks that have arrived are being repaired by the Ukrainians, but ten others have been rejected, two of which have serious defects that Ukraine cannot resolve. During the June export of German Panther-1 tanks, problems arose with combat vehicles. In a joint project, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are jointly sending 100 Cheetah-1 tanks.

US will provide ATACMS missiles

US to deliver ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine reports that NBC News Based on the sources. US President Joe Biden has now reportedly briefed President Volodymyr Zelensky. It relates to a ‘limited number’.

During his US visit, Zelensky was promised a new aid package, initially without missiles.

More US F-16s for Romania

US to send four additional F-16 fighter jets to Romania for NATO ‘air policing’ mission The Netherlands previously contributed by sending F-35 and F-16 fighter jets to Poland and Bulgaria.

In ‘air policing’, NATO member states monitor the airspace of member states bordering Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Before the war, work was already active in the Baltic states with Dutch aircraft and others.

Many Western companies still operate in Russia

Despite the Russian war against Ukraine, many foreign investors still do business in Russia. More than half are still active, the European Commission says.

After the large-scale Russian invasion in February last year, many companies left Russia under pressure from their customers. “More than 40 percent of foreign investors have decided to leave Russia or have already left,” the group said in response to questions from the European Parliament. According to the EU administration, trade and foreign trade balances have been ‘significantly reduced’. The group is based on statistics from the American Yale University.

Missing since attack on Russian naval headquarters

A soldier has gone missing in an attack on the Russian naval headquarters in Sevastopol, Crimea, the Russian Defense Ministry said. It was first reported that the soldier had been killed. Reuters reports this based on information from the Russian news agency RIA. Russia also reportedly intercepted five drones. On that day Social media platform You can see that there is a hole in the building.

The Kremlin predicts an escalation of conflict between Poland and Ukraine

The Kremlin hopes tensions between Ukraine and Poland will escalate. “It is inevitable,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Poland, like Hungary and Slovakia, has blocked imports of Ukrainian grain because it wants to protect its own agricultural sector. The dispute escalated after the leaders of Warsaw and Kiev publicly lashed out at each other and threatened to take action.

On Wednesday, Poland, one of Ukraine’s closest allies since the Russian invasion, said it would not send any new weapons to Ukraine for the time being. Polish and Ukrainian agriculture ministers are quickly entering discussions to find a solution. Agreements have now been made with Slovakia which will allow the import ban to be lifted.

Russian naval headquarters in Crimea hit by missile

According to local authorities, the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the port of Sevastopol in Crimea was hit by a Ukrainian missile. Local governor Mikhail Rasvozhayev wrote this on the messaging app Telegram. Details are still unknown, but images of smoke plumes can be seen on Platform X.

Kiev: ‘Russian energy terrorism has already begun’

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmihal has said that Russia has begun a planned attack on Ukraine’s energy facilities, such as power plants, fuel production and storage facilities. But according to Szmihal, Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses are much better prepared for ‘energy terrorism’ this year than last winter.

Last winter, Russia shelled energy supplies and infrastructure almost every day. Szmihal admits it will be another tough winter, but believes his country can now better protect its power plants. Ukraine has received more complaints from Western allies than last year.

Another grain ship left Ukraine

The second cargo ship left the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk via the Black Sea humanitarian route established by Ukraine. A ship named Aroyat sails to Egypt with a load of grain. Another ship, the Bosphorus Prince, is heading south of Odessa towards Chornomorsk. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov.

Resilient Africa returned to Turkey on Wednesday loaded with grain. Russia views ships bound for Ukraine as hostile. After the war, ships crossing the Black Sea were no longer insured.

After Washington, Zelensky continued to Canada

After his visit to Washington, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will travel to the Canadian capital, Ottawa, where he will address the Canadian Parliament. The Ukrainian president will also visit Toronto during his visit, where he will meet with business leaders and discuss “investments in the future of Ukraine,” according to the report.

“Canada stands firmly with the Ukrainian people as they fight for our shared values ​​of freedom, democracy and respect for the rule of law, freedom and self-determination,” Trudeau said in an unannounced trip to Kiev in June. “I look forward to welcoming President Zelensky to Canada.”

Biden comes with a $325 million endorsement package

US President Joe Biden has announced a $325 million (nearly €305 million) military aid package to Ukraine. He did this after a meeting with Volodymyr Zelenksi, the Ukrainian representative, who said the package was “what our soldiers need at this time”.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said earlier Thursday that Biden would announce a military aid package for Ukraine that would include air defenses, munitions for HIMARS missile systems and other weapons. Biden also announced on Thursday that the first of the previously promised US Abrams tanks would arrive in Ukraine next week.

The package is separate from the $24 billion in additional aid for Ukraine that Biden has requested from the US Congress. This planned humanitarian and military aid is met with opposition from dozens of Republicans. On Thursday, Biden said he hoped for “good judgment” from members of Congress. According to Democratic Senate President Chuck Schumer, Zelensky had hinted in previous conversations in Washington that Ukraine would lose a war with Russia because of US support.

This is the 576th day of the war in Ukraine. Follow developments in Ukraine and Russia in this live blog. (ANP / Imago Stock & People GmbH)

This live blog is based on reporting by BNR’s own reporters and editors from The Guardian, ANP, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Associated Press, CNN, BBC, CNBC, Sky News and Agence France-Presse. BNR also uses news agencies Tass, RIA Novosti and online news from Interfax (Russia) and Belta (Belarus). Because reporting from these agencies is unverifiable and cannot be independently qualified, in these cases it is clearly stated where the report is coming from.

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