Like Martens sees opportunities against America

Like Martens sees opportunities against America

Respect is certainly still there, but the awe of Dutch football women for the United States is less than before and the World Cup final on July 7, 2019 in Lyon and the training match on November 27, 2020 in Preta. . Both matches ended 2-0 for the American women, who have won four world titles and four Olympic gold medals.

With the clash on Friday, July 30 in the quarterfinals, the Olympics end in the world number one (US) or world number four (Netherlands). Unlike previous games – the last eight all won by the United States – filling out the Toto form is no longer a routine job.

American women showed themselves to be the most vulnerable at the group stage. In two matches, 3-0 against Sweden and 0-0 against Australia, they did not even score. “America is no longer invincible to everyone,” Lyco Martens said in anticipation of Friday’s game in Yokohama.

‘We must play with courage’

The Barcelona player is definitely looking for opportunities for the Netherlands. Especially if the Orange women dare to throw off the distinction from previous mutual fights. “We have to play with a lot of courage,” Martens says. “The team has a lot of confidence, and we hope this is a turning point. We can finally beat the United States.

Martens, 29, also knows that the United States, the country of women’s football, should not be written off. She calls the upcoming fight a ‘snapshot’. “It’s going to be a top-level competition and I want to play in tournaments like that. As an athlete you always want to measure yourself as the best.”

It could be Friday’s last match for national coach Sarina Wickman, who will join the English Federation after the game. Martens: “I do not care about that, but of course we do not like it. We had a great time together and will do everything we can to end it.

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