Life in prison for the US Capital Gazette massacre | Abroad

Life in prison for the US Capital Gazette massacre |  Abroad

A man has been sentenced to life in prison in the United States for shooting at a newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. Five people were killed when Jarrod Ramos stormed the editorial office of a newspaper Capital Gazette And I started shooting.

The shooting was one of the deadliest attacks on a news outlet in American history and sparked outrage. Ramos, 41, pleaded guilty, but also found he was not responsible when he killed the four journalists and another employee of the newspaper. The jury thought otherwise.

Survivors and their relatives had the opportunity to tell their story at Tuesday’s hearing. According to the journalists present, Ramos showed no emotion, not even when he heard the verdict against him. The shooter’s lawyer stated that her client had psychological problems.

Ramos’ relationship with the newspaper has been difficult for years. He had published an article in 2011 about how he molested a young woman online. Ramos thinks that Capital Gazette He was guilty of defamation and went to court in vain.

Ultimately, the man had spent about two years preparing for the killing spree. During that time, he went on reconnaissance, among other things. On Tuesday, the judge said the case had had a significant impact. “I find it shocking that he stated that the time he spent preparing for the attack was the best years of his life.”

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