LG will sell and display NFTs on its TVs – Picture and Sound – News

The art world is indeed the closest comparison to NFTs, but even as far as this comparison really proves, it’s still a not-quite-beautiful picture: it often has to do with money laundering and clandestine money transfers. The world is full of crime, but very few artists make money from it and only a few powerful players control it…

Even the legal part matters only to a very small percentage of the population. Especially with the financial times we’re going through now, and where we’re headed, thinking of the 99% who earn on average or a little higher/lower. A can of beans has far more “benefit” than any NFT.

Therefore, NFTs are just a reference to an object and not the object itself. As if you had proof of the authenticity of the Mona Lisa, but not the Mona Lisa itself. And even this guide can exist multiple times…

In any case where the NFT project appears to be of real use, it turns out that this tool can also be achieved without NFT. Its decentralized nature is usually not fully decentralized, or it is hardly significant in practice. Scams are now in the hundreds, the biggest fanfare has already gone through, NFTs that remain in the plus sign are extremely rare, and reactions from the general public and neutral experts are almost exclusively negative. Even if they understand what it is and what it does. More regulation is also a matter of time, and is necessary if this strange trade is to continue at all. Only the providers themselves and a small group with euro signs in their eyes are still positive about it. until the rug is pulled away.

On the topic: I hope this NFT feature will be turned off on the new LG OLED device, otherwise block it in the router. Edit: apparently only in the US and as a separate app, so this isn’t too bad.

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