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Weird comparison imo.

I recommend buying a wireless keyboard with a 3000 mAh battery. This thing can run for a year with such a battery, but the LED comes on and your battery will be empty in a week (that’s with a timeout where the lights go off quickly at 0 activity).

This laptop (if turned on) consumes probably 10 watts, and the wireless keyboard .. a few milliwatts. In other words, factor the difference of thousand (s).

The purpose of RGB keyboards is to make the keys more readable. But by equipping the switches with RGB they are less readable if the LEDs are not on. Maz, it’s not a “Make everyone happy with this”. You are already forced to turn on the LEDs.

Return the keyboard if you bought it online within the first two weeks because you are not satisfied with it and buy another one – one without the lights. Buy a mechanical wireless keyboard and the selection is huge in aftermarket keycaps.

The white double-capped switch is highly readable in most light environments. If you’re working in an environment so dark that you really need an RGB light on your keyboard, you’re in a really bad environment for your eyes.

Less of a problem with a laptop because you’re probably in an environment that has enough light to read the keys well or the screen is too close to the keyboard to have enough light to see most of the time.

I don’t understand the reasoning that ‘gaming’ laptops, computers and monitors should look like they were made for 5-year-olds, more RGB colors everywhere, colors like a Lego set and often shapes that are a huge waste in laptop or computer design profile. Whereas people who buy gaming laptops are often older and often want a more neutral laptop.

There are a lot of assumptions. RGB tries to appeal to all combinations by giving you the option to choose the color of your choice, or turning it off and giving it a somewhat neutral look (unless the laptop in question already has sharp corners and huge grills). Gone are the days of the old gaming laptop where the same thing was painted in bright black and red. Then I would have preferred RGB, but that wasn’t an option 10 years ago.

I have an RGB keyboard here that constantly cycles between all the colors. Do you want to turn that off and get only white? Then you have to install Logitech which is full of things that eat CPU cycles before God knows what.

This is Logitech’s fault, not inherent to (wireless) consoles. With a lot (more?) you can use a key combination to cycle through the colors and keep the colors you want.

You could say this helps sales but if that’s the case, why did we see a huge swing in the desktop market of more elegant cover designs, glass objects, nice shapes etc. where the gaming desktop used to be something like? Like Lego made.

It just depends on what is selling well, the changing market and taste. All this glass is just to show that RGB you hate on your laptop. A big part of the stylish look is that drive bays are a thing of the past. Now since they cannot be seen from the front or hidden behind a door, the cabinets can be designed symmetrically well.

Very difficult because sometimes you want a laptop that can be used for work and private life. Go to a meeting with such a laptop and everyone will look like a stranger.

It limits the options a little, but there are stylish laptops where you can match the conference table perfectly. The laptop this article is about or the Razer Blade are good examples, but there are more. Even ASUS ROG laptops don’t look as ridiculous as they used to be.

Same with RGB keyboards on laptops. choise? did you. It is not necessary? Bad luck, you pay for it anyway.

It might just be that it’s cheaper for a manufacturer to build it everywhere rather than designing and making two different things, separate tracking serial numbers, etc. What is the actual manufacturer cost now for RGB? If you get a really cheap laptop, you won’t get it, but you don’t have the choice either. If you’re already spending a huge amount of money on a laptop anyway (which is unavoidable with a gaming laptop), it’s probably easier to only have one version. This gets complicated quickly, especially with keyboards, because you already have different layouts for different areas.

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