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Well, I’m not a fan of the Smart TV OS anyway (slow as fat shit, since the introduction (see also Samsung’s QD OLED review tagged Ultimate by Tweakers)), but Android TV like on the Shield is pretty bad. I’m one of those people who just want simple things to work all the time and without a lot of tweaking, like a media server for watching movies. Someone who has a Windows desktop and knows a lot about it and can do everything with it, but has an iPhone and an iPad because I don’t have to tweak a few things in life and just want to be able to trust that it always works as intended.

Back to Android on the Shield, oh my god what a drama. I uninstalled everything previously installed, and only Plex + Plex Media Server works on it, and it’s still as unstable as it gets if you ask me. How complicated is it to make something so simple that stable, you don’t need anything other than Plex and PMS. The new Android update (Android 11) screwed everything up (Plex stopped working), then spent an evening languishing. So far if nothing changes at all in Shield settings/setup or in Plex one day it works and the next day there’s an A/V latency gap and I don’t know what and then all of a sudden there’s a bandwidth error while the internet speed was tested at 400mb per second. I also think it’s running slow on the entire Android system.

But hey, this is partly influenced by my envy of Android in general, so excuse this very subjective response. My experience with Android stretches from when €500++ Samsung smartphones were so slow to a year after I had to buy a new one, and when Apple was still much better.
That was before it all went downhill and Apple got just as bad (in terms of software and hardware implementation, plus there were so many different models not added) as my experience with several different Samsung models at the time (and Samsung still released every half Watch a new Galaxy phone with three thousand million AS5838zxs, so it would also be insignificant on average).
yes. Comparing Apple to Pears, but it always stuck with me, and Android on the Shield really confirms what I already thought 10 years ago.

EDIT: Android 11 was the update I meant. How too bad.

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