Lewis Capaldi on Tourette: “The real possibility is that I should stop making music” | Displays

Lewis Capaldi on Tourette: "The real possibility is that I should stop making music" |  Displays

There is a “real possibility” that Lewis Capaldi will have to end his career early if he suffers so much from Tourette’s Syndrome, which the Scottish singer suffers from. Making music makes his tics worse and he can do “irreparable harm” to himself.

“Only making music is the reason for it for me, otherwise it could go on just fine for months on end. It’s a strange situation,” Capaldi, 26, said in an interview with The Times. “For now, it pays to keep making the trade-off, but If it gets to the point where I hurt myself, I will stop. I hate to exaggerate, but it’s very likely that I’ll have to give up music because of this.”

In September of last year, Capaldi announced that he suffers from Tourette Syndrome. Illness sometimes makes it difficult for him to play straight. Last week, it became apparent that Capaldi also suffers from vertigo, also known as vertigo.

Capaldi broke through in 2019 with the global hit Someone you love And also his first album Divinely uninspired as hell It became a hit in many parts of the world. The long-awaited successor will arrive next month She was broken by the desire to be sent from heaven Outside.

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